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Different women from various social backgrounds find themselves trapped in the events unfolding in the Egyptian streets and apartment blocks. Their entrapment is not necessarily limited to concrete walls and locked doors, but is imposed by inner conflicts and thoughts. Even though the women share similar dreams of breaking free from social constraints and conditions, each fights her own battle.

Egypt, 2021
Arabic with English subtitles
77 minutes

Director: Manal Khaled
Screenwriter: Rasha Azab, Manal Khaled
Cast: Caroline Khalil, Osama Abo El Ata, Reem Hegab, Sara' Jebel
Cinematography: Zbigniew Rybczynski, Tarek Hefny, Mahmoud Lotfi
Editing: Rania Montaser
Sound: Mohamed Fawzy
Music: Raad Khalaf
Producer/s: Manal Khaled

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