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Following its vision of bringing Palestinian films to a wider and local audience, the Palestine Cinema Days will launch "Masarat" in its tenth edition.   Here, new Palestinian voices are given a stage to present themselves and engage in dialogue with their audiences: a unique platform for young talents to bring their creations into direct exchange with other professionals and at the same time an exciting opportunity for Palestinian society to experience the current cinematic developments of Palestinian cinema up close and at the moment. 
"Masarat" is presented parallel to the Palestine Cinema Festival program and provides space for differences and innovations in the Palestinian film industry, continuously contributing to raising the voice of the new and opening the cinema to opinions and ideas in direct interaction between the film and its audience.
In its tenth edition, "Masarat" invites short films and documentaries form Palestine or/ and about Palestine , produced in 2022/23.
Finally, two "Masarat" awards for the best documentary and the best short film will be decided by the audience, turning the platform into a truly participative engagement.