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Palestine Cinema Days announces that the submission for the 2023 Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition is now open.
An independent jury of three members will choose and announce the winner of the Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition during the closing ceremony of Palestine Cinema Days on November 01, 2023.
The winning project of the Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition will:
  • Receive a grant of $10,000.
  • Use camera and sound equipment available at Filmlab Palestine during production.
  • Use color-grading and sound-editing facilities available at Filmlab Palestine during postproduction.
  • Benefit from Filmlab Palestine’s support in screening and distributing the film. 

Eligible for the Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition are projects, that
  • are short fiction or short animation films.
  • do not exceed a maximum length of 20 minutes.
  • are in the final stages of development and ready to go to pre-production immediately after the 10th edition of Palestine Cinema Days (November 2023).
  • have a clear connection to Palestine in terms of story and/or the director or main actor must be Palestinian, and/or Palestine must be a country of production.
Guidelines and regulations:
  • The applicant must submit the screenplay in English.
  • A Pitch of the film to the juries is required. 
  • The winner of the Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition must agree that the Palestinian premiere of the finalized film will be at Palestine Cinema Days. Palestine Cinema Days is under no obligation to screen the final film or include it in its Sunbird Short Film Competition if the film doesn’t meet the necessary artistic standards and is not selected by the jury of the competition.
  • Filmlab Palestine must receive a credit in the form of “Produced with the assistance of Filmlab Palestine” in the film’s end credits in a size of type not less than that of the largest end credit. In addition, Filmlab Palestine’s logo must be included in either the opening or the end credits of the film. Filmlab Palestine’s logo can be provided upon request.
  • The applicant must hold the rights to the material submitted.
  • The material and information submitted will be accessed only by the Palestine Cinema Days team and the Palestinian Sunbird Production Competition jury for the sole purpose of evaluating and choosing the winning project.
  • Palestine Cinema Days reserves the right to use some of the material and information submitted in the application form for promotional purposes and for Palestine Cinema Days’ Catalogue, website and social media.
  •  Incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation nor will the applicant be contacted to send the missing material.
  • Applications or supporting material sent by email will not be considered. Only submissions through the electronic application form are accepted. 
  • The submitter is fully responsible for the authenticity of the information provided.
  • Following the announcement of the award, the winner will be required to sign a grant agreement detailing the contract duration, grant amount, budget breakdown, payment schedule and required reports. 

Apply Here

Submission deadline: August 10th, 2023    
For enquiries and information, please email us at: [email protected]