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Maya Abu-Alhayyat

Born in 1980 in Lebanon, Maya Abu-Alhayyat is a Palestinian novelist, poet and children’s book writer. She has published three collections of poetry, “Home Dresses and Wars” (Dar Alahlyah, 2016), “This Smile, That Heart” (Dar Raya, 2012), “What She Said about Him” (House of Poetry & Qattan Foundation, 2007), and four other novels: “Glitter” ( Dar Almutawaset, 2018), “Nobody knows his blood type” (Dar Al-Adab 2008), “Grains of Sugar” (House of Poetry, 2004), and “Threshold of Heavy Spirit” (Ogarit, 2011), as well as several children’s books including an English-language translation of her award-winning picture book, “The Blue Pool of Questions” (illus. Hassan Manasrah) and published in 2017 by Penny Candy Books.