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Dream Homes Property Consultants (DHPC)

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Expropriated Palestinian houses are ironically repackaged on the Israeli real estate market as “Arab-style”. Their factual history is concealed behind this architectural euphemism. Taking the form of a property consultancy, this interactive web documentary art revisits the individual history of these homes, uncovering Palestinian stories of displacement, dispossession and cultural cleansing from West Jerusalem.

Producer Alexandra Sophia Handal
Production Company
Ciné-Dérive: Cinema & New Media Production House

Most Important Cast Elie Ayoub / George Baramki / Laura Baramki / Abla Dajani / Liliane Farah Catan / Issa Giacaman / May Giacaman / Raouf Halaby / Marie Jannineh / Eleonore Jubran / Victoria Kawas / Samia Lorenzo / Ibrahim Mattar / Ahmad Muna / Omar Qunnais / Yacoub Rock / Louis Safieh / Tanja Salem / Sofie Shamieh / Issa Soudah / Maroun Tarsha / Nadia Theodorie / Teddy Theodorie and Ari / Christiane / Hind / Jamil / Mariam / Mohammed / Samira
Language Arabic with English subtitles