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Raf and Julie, a couple on the verge of breaking up, find themselves at the hospital’s ER close to asphyxiation on the evening of a major ‘yellow vests’ protest in Paris. Their encounter with Yann, an injured and angry demonstrator, will shatter their certainties and prejudices. Outside, the tension escalates and soon, the hospital has to close its doors as the staff is overwhelmed. The night will be long…

France, 2021
French with English subtitles
98 minutes

Director: Catherine Corsini
Screenwriter: Catherine Corsini
Cast: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Marina Foïs, Pio Marmai
Cinematography: Jeanne Lapoirie
Editing: Frédéric Baillehaiche
Sound: Nicolas Cantin, Fanny Martin, Jeanne Delplancq, Olivier Goinard
Music: ROB
Producer/s: Elisabeth Chaz (Chaz Productions)


Screening Dates

Ramallah, Ramallah Cultural Palace, Saturday 06.11 20:00