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About Palestine Film Meetings (PFM)

Days of Cinema is dedicated to the celebration of world cinema and deepening the appreciation of film culture in Palestine. PFM provides local filmmakers with the opportunity to network and discuss their projects and career goals with top industry professionals attending Days of Cinema. It is also an opportunity for international film producers, festival programmers, and distributors to meet with Palestinian filmmakers and talents. PFM Talks will cover important topics around film and culture, creating possibilities for dialogue and discussion between international experts and upcoming talent. All talks are open to the public.


I’m very happy to welcome you all to the first edition of the Palestine Film Meetings, held as part of the fourth edition of Days of Cinema 2017. 
The goal behind launching the Palestine Film Meetings is to create a platform for Palestinian and international filmmakers and experts to meet, share experiences and knowledge, develop projects and discuss current trends and challenges in the film world. We hope it will be a chance to learn from already existing models but also to help create new models and new paths for Palestinian Cinema to evolve and thrive.
Our first edition is a first step that we intend to build on in order to expand the Palestine Film Meetings to an annual event with more opportunities and more participants.
At Filmlab: Palestine, we are already working on PFM's second edition in 2018 which will include a Project Market, a Work in Progress section and an expanded program of masterclasses and talks. We will be announcing new production awards and opportunities to add to what Filmlab: Palestine is already offering throughout the year to filmmakers in Palestine, and any filmmaker from around the world interested in collaborating with Palestinian artists and filmmakers.

I am very honored to have you all with us and I wish you a joyful and creative experience at the Palestine Film Meetings!

Muayad Alayan
Days of Cinema Head of Industry