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Palestine Cinema Days

Since 2014, Palestine Cinema Days (previously called Days of Cinema) has grown to be one of the most important pillars of the Palestinian film scene. Bringing together international and Palestinian film professionals is one of our main goals. Palestine Film Meetings (PFM) is a creative platform to exchange and share ideas and visions, planting seeds for future collaborations.
We believe in the universal power of cinema. We believe it is a way to get to know the world, and to get to know oneself. Palestine Cinema Days was founded in the firm belief that cinema and culture are important tools for a more tolerant, democratic, and equal society amidst the daily struggles we experience in Palestine. The films showing at Palestine Cinema Days each year offer an opportunity to see humankind without borders, reflecting on the state of man across societal and geographic boundaries. They depict human conditions that every society grapples with. They are fuel for debate and discussion, each offering an intimate portrait of life under different circumstances, in different times and places. What unites them is their passionate cinematic gaze.