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Welcome Note

Palestine Cinema Days (PCD) is proud to present its 7th Edition of the festival despite the unprecedented times Palestine and the world is going through in 2020.

Palestine is already an emotionally and politically heavily charged place, where every edition is a challenge. This year’s global pandemic had us stretch our resourcefulness and flexibility to their limits, showing resilience, determination and most of all, hope like never before.By going against all odds, Palestine Cinema Days is making a strong statement that films and festivals are symbols of survival and constant creativity that reflect on the world we live in. 

The 7th Edition of Palestine Cinema Days, organized from the 20th to the 26th of October 2020, is an inspiring, rich, diverse and significant edition. It expresses the festival’s will to confront the challenges imposed by the global health situation and the state of isolation that accompanies it, and insist on meeting the expectations of its public, to open up to the world and feel part of it again through the experience of film.

By bringing the world to Palestine through cinema, in spite of the pandemic and the geographical and political restrictions, Palestinians will be part of a universal discourse- writing a narrative that tells the past, reflects the present and shapes the future, inscribing Palestinian voices into the shared narrative of humanity.

For this exceptional year, the festival is offering a limited edition that will run in the same spirit of its previous cycles- a dedication and insistence that film and culture are essential components of life. Indeed, they allow us to go beyond our daily challenges and find a sense of self rooted within the universality of our humanity.

Seven years ago, we made a promise to our growing public to celebrate cinema in all its forms, exploring the way the camera reflects on the complexities of our world. Innovation and creativity present new ways of looking at life. And during this pandemic, art and film proved to be the air that allowed people to breathe, and thus survive the state of confinement and isolation the crisis brought upon us.

Palestine Cinema Days this year is designed to reflect the moment we are living in- screenings taking place physically in socially distanced, open-air cinema spaces and the industry days, the Palestine Film Meetings (PFM), taking place online. The lineup offers twelve films of fiction, ten documentaries and two slots of six short films, Arab and international, screenings take place in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Gaza and Haifa.  

This edition of Palestine Cinema Days will also launch for the first time an online children’s program with the mission to change the way children watch and appreciate movies.

The Palestine Film Meetings (PFM) took the opportunity new digital technologies allow to organize masterclasses with international cinema masters for this year’s program. These new technologies also enable us, more than ever before, to welcome the participation of Palestinian filmmakers from the diaspora in different events and competitions. 

This edition of the festival would have not seen the light without the support of the venues all over the West Bank, Gaza and Haifa, the indefectible trust of our sponsors, the dedication and will of the working team, and the enthusiasm and loyalty of our public.

Let the magic of the silver screen operate again and again…