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Jerusalem, Palestinian National Theatre (El-Hakawati), Sunday 21.10 11:00
Ramallah, Municipal Theater - Ramallah City Hall, Saturday 20.10 17:00
Ramallah, Ramallah Cultural Palace, Saturday 20.10 11:00
Gaza, Red Crescent Society, Thursday 18.10 11:00
Bethlehem, Dar al-Kalima, Thursday 18.10 11:00
Director: French Directors
Ramallah, Municipal Theater - Ramallah City Hall, Monday 22.10 17:00
Gaza, Red Crescent Society, Monday 22.10 11:00
Ramallah, Ramallah Cultural Palace, Monday 22.10 11:00
Bethlehem, Dar al-Kalima, Monday 22.10 11:00
Jerusalem, Palestinian National Theatre (El-Hakawati), Monday 22.10 11:00
Director: Yuta Sukegawa, Marie Toh, Teo Kiki, Michelle Wong, Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Mario Adamson, Esben Toft Jacobsen